Friday, 29 August 2014

Passion Learning projects

This week we have been doing Passion Learning Projects. I think what we have done well is organising everything we need and not being afraid to ask for help. I think we don't need to work on anything. We are looking forward the final product and using it.
Here is our Passion Learning Journal! Check it out please.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Cross Country

I was doing a Story about cross country. I think I did well and The Thing I need to do better is change the highlight on it.

This Is my maths DLO. I think I did well because before I did this I knew nothing. I can't think of anything to do better.

Sport Drinks Bad for Kids

Are Sugar drinks really what you need for sports. Hi I'm Kiana and I'm here to show you that you don't need drinks for sport. 


Anaconda Snakes

On Wednesday we did a Google slide about it. We had to find facts about in anaconda websites. I think i did well. I add some pictures so if you don't know what an anaconda is you can see here. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Doubling DLO

In the last day I managed to finished my DLO. I Think I did well but I need to speck up louder. Hope you like it. 


Friday, 15 August 2014


Hi I am Kiana and I would like to talk to you about choir. I felt so alive when my name got called up to do a solo. It was just the start of being a famous singer. I was singing with my back a little bit down and with my hands around my body like a ninja. Now Im going to tell you How much I think the choir improved. The Girls is amazing in words you couldn’t understand. All of the people in the choir have voices like angels. Ka Mo Te Wehi girls The Last thing I am going to talk about is miss nicola and mrs henwood for what they have teached us Miss Nicola and mrs henwood are super stars. They have teached us a lot of singing (I mean a lot) The most best thing about mrs henwood and miss nicola is that she push us to do good at things that were bad at. And they encourages us to do your best.
Thanks for listening to my Speech and Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Show Don't tell Create a Character

WALT: Show Don’t tell to Describe and expand on one Feature of our Character.

Ariana had beautiful white cloud like fairy wings. With diamonds in the sides of the wings. They Glowed in the dark so when she travels she can see where she is going. If she sings in the daylight her wings shrink down in her body so you can’t see them and then at night they will grow wider than her arms.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Show Don't tell With Miss Smith

We have been learning over the past 3 days show don't tell. I think I made people hanging and what was going to make them wonder what is going to happen next. What I need to do better is show more about my feeling. 

As they walked through sweating with fear they heard sticks getting crunched on. They felt like they were being followed. Fog was rising up in a weird way. Rotten bones all around them. Then they found a cave full of people berdy alive with their toes peeking out. They found a blood trail leading to a pool filled with dead bodies. They spotted a devil and witches house that was made out of wood and candy. Later on they heard laughter through the air singing “lalalalala”. When they were trying to get out they saw scratched up rip signs at the haunted house then Suddenly.... 

Thursday, 7 August 2014


We have been learning about Digital Citizens And we still are. I made a Dvolver of being safe online.