Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Chemical Reaction

WALT: Write inserting sentences. 

Red Blood Cells Getting bigger and bigger as they go

A Evil Fire Breathing Dragon

Sparkling Fire Works shooting out one by one

Tiny ants zooming  around

As the bright pink sand went under water it was Thick, when it came back up it was as flat as a squashed bug.

As the light bulb slowly  disappeared it look Magic Dust flowing in the air.
The Experiment looked like a Red moving Eye ball.

A He poured the Chemicals in 3 seconds later the Chemical were Shooting out like a rocket

The Water look like i was Freezing into ice slowly  

One by one it looked like Fiery Snakes coming out quickly
Transforming very slowly, it looked like a rock crushing bit by bit, piece by piece.

My Two Sentences.
As the Light bulb amazingly faded it looked like Magic Dust floating in the air.

One by one transforming as fast as a rocket Fiery Snakes bursting out.